Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club Winter Series

You know it’s winter when the Hudson Mohawk Road Runners begin their famous winter series.   If you are anything like me and have a hard time dragging your butt outside for those cold winter runs, this series is for you.

The series began on Sunday in the cold, slippery rain.  With 124 finishing the 15K and 90 finishing the 3 miler, many of these runners are die hard and will show up in the rain, snow, ice and wind.   But there are also the runners who will come “weather permitting.”  Either way this series provides a fun environment with a motivational, informal atmosphere.

These events can be run for fun or raced. With hundreds of people coming, you get a little of both. There are usually at least 2 distances offered, one long and one short to mid-distance run. The runs build in distance and the longer of the options climax in February with the winter marathon. Sporadic water stations and traffic control are provided as well. Some of the more experienced runners will use the series as timed training runs in preparation for the season. Others will just come to run for winter maintenance. And still others will come for a casual run and socializing. Whatever your reason, at a cost of joining the HMRRC for just $12/year, this series is very affordable.
You can find the full schedule of events here.